1. 2020
  2. 2013
West of Duddon Sands Project

First offloading for offshore wind farm at West of Duddon Sands

Weldex handled the loading and unloading of equipment for the West of Duddon Sands offshore wind farm. This included the monopiles ranging in weight from 334 to 516 tonnes and the 308 tonnes TPs for the project which, ultimately, will see the erection of 108 turbines.

Weldex supplied a 1350 tonnes capacity Liebherr LR11350 crane and 20 axles of SPMT trailers for transporting the equipment to the storage facility.

Liebherr LR11350

Transformation of coal-fired power station to biomass fuelled generator

Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire announced that it planned to transform itself into a predominantly biomass-fuelled generator. Initially it plans to convert three of its six generating units to run on sustainable biomass.

Weldex has been involved on site building a new 6m wide conveyor which will convey the biomass material into the generator. The process has involved lifting 140 tonne conveyor sections within a tightly-constrained space. It is a complicated lift procedure involving the LR11350 on 84m boom with 78m luffer.