We have the largest fleet of crawler cranes in the UK. With over 100 cranes in our fleet ranging from 5 tonnes to 1350 tonnes lifting capacity, they include hydraulic crawler cranes from leading manufacturers such as Liebherr, Demag and Kobelco. Our crawler crane fleet is supported by a large fleet of Scheuerle SPMT units.

Details of cranes and modular transportation are available below, or call our hire desk on +44 (0) 1463 220333 and we will be happy to advise on the best solution for your project.


1350 tonnes Liebherr LR11350  Download PDF
1000 tonnes Liebherr LR11000  Download PDF
750 tonnes Liebherr LR1750  Download PDF
650 tonnes Terex Demag Superlift 3800  Download PDF
600 tonnes Demag CC 2800-1 C1  Download PDF
600 tonnes Demag CC 2800-1 NT  Download PDF
600 tonnes Liebherr LR1600  Download PDF
550 tonnes Kobelco SL6000  Download PDF
400 tonnes Liebherr LR1400/2  Download PDF
400 tonnes Liebherr LR1400/2 W  Download PDF
300 tonnes Liebherr LR1300  Download PDF
300 tonnes Liebherr LR1300 D  Download PDF
300 tonnes Liebherr LR1300 W  Download PDF
280 tonnes Liebherr LR1280 W  Download PDF
250 tonnes Liebherr LR1250  Download PDF
220 tonnes Liebherr LTR1220 Telescopic Crawler  Download PDF
200 tonnes Liebherr LR1200  Download PDF
180 tonnes Kobelco CKE1800  Download PDF
160 tonnes Liebherr LR1160  Download PDF
160 tonnes Liebherr LR1160 W  Download PDF
135 tonne Kobelco CKE1350  Download PDF
130 tonnes Liebherr LR1130  Download PDF
110 tonnes Kobelco CKE1100  Download PDF
110 tonnes Kobelco CKE1100G  Download PDF
100 tonnes Liebherr LR1100  Download PDF
100 tonnes Liebherr LTR1100 Telescopic Crawler  Download PDF
80 tonnes Sennebogen 683  Download PDF
80 tonnes Kobelco CKE800G  Download PDF
70 tonnes Zoomlion QUY70  Download PDF
60 tonnes Liebherr LTR1060 Telescopic Crawler  Download PDF
60 tonnes Kobelco CKE600-1F  Download PDF
60 tonnes Kobelco CKE600G  Download PDF
70 tonnes Hyster ReachStacker  Download PDF
60 tonnes Terex PPM ReachStacker  Download PDF
Scheuerle InterCombi  Download PDF
Scheuerle IC SPE  Download PDF
Scheuerle SPMT 3000 IC  Download PDF
Scheuerle SPMT G4  Download PDF